Pipeline Overview

Tarveda’s pipeline exemplifies the company’s Pentarin™ platform that creates novel treatments designed to improve the effectiveness of cancer therapies for solid tumors.

The company’s lead Pentarin drug candidate is PEN-221 and is designed to treat patients with neuroendocrine cancers and small cell lung cancer that overexpress the somatostatin receptor on the surface of cancer cells. PEN-221 is in a Phase 1/2a clinical trial.

Tarveda’s second Pentarin drug candidate is PEN-866, which targets the intracellular protein HSP90, is designed to treat patients with solid tumor cancers including colorectal cancer, small cell lung cancer and sarcoma. PEN-866 is scheduled to be in the clinic in 2017.

Tarveda is advancing our pipeline with a focus on both cell surface and intracellular targets  in solid tumors and has generated data demonstrating that Pentarins will be effective as a new and innovative class of drug conjugates with ability to effectively penetrate into the tumor tissue.