Pentarin™ Platform

A New Paradigm for Miniaturized Drug Conjugates
With the Pentarin platform, Tarveda creates novel, miniaturized drug conjugates that incorporate innovative targeting ligands joined through optimized linkers to potent cancer cell-killing payloads. Pentarins are designed to have optimal therapeutic properties while remaining miniature in size, enabling effective penetration into solid tumors to cause cancer cell death.

Tarveda’s approach with the Pentarin platform acknowledges the significant advances with the drug class of targeted drug conjugates – including antibody drug conjugates – and evolves the therapeutic capabilities in order to address some of the key challenges and limitations that are seen with antibody drug conjugates. In particular, Pentarins are designed to overcome biologic barriers to effective penetration into and efficacy in solid tumors.

Tarveda’s capability to advance our Pentarin platform and develop a pipeline of innovative cancer therapeutics has led to the rapid development of our first two drug candidates, PEN-221 in a Phase 1/2a clinical trial, designed for the treatment of patients with neuroendocrine cancers, including small cell lung cancer and PEN-866, which is highly selective for Heat Shock Protein 90 (HSP90) and has demonstrated complete and durable tumor regressions in xenograft models of small-cell lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, ovarian cancer and sarcoma.

Pentarins: Designed to Maintain Miniature Size and Address Treatment Challenges in Solid Tumors 

The Pentarin platform enables the Tarveda team to design the properties of each Pentarin for optimized efficacy in the targeting of solid tumors. Our Pentarins are engineered to effectively penetrate into solid tumors to drive efficacy, through the inherent design of the miniaturized drug conjugate itself and/or use of proprietary approaches to improving the core attributes of our drugs while maintaining their miniature design.

Tarveda’s team has deep expertise, know-how and intellectual property to apply the company’s platform techniques to create Pentarins with the ideal therapeutic attributes for specific targets and solid tumor treatment. Pentarins are comprised of an innovative targeting ligand linked to a potent payload and are tuned for the pharmacokinetics and biodistribution, tumor accumulation, tumor penetration, and cancer cell uptake that leads to cancer cell death into the core of tumors.

Our team’s extensive understanding of conjugate chemistry combined with proprietary delivery capabilities, fuels our unique Pentarin platform.

In certain instances, our miniaturized drug conjugates are enhanced through specific approaches to further tune pharmacokinetics and biodistribution of the Pentarins and engineer their delivery in and around the solid tumor. We have developed a unique understanding of conjugate delivery into solid tumors and have developed a broad patent estate related to our novel product designs and Pentarin platform. One example of delivery is where we employ our proprietary nanoparticles incorporating the Pentarins. The nanoparticle incorporating the Pentarins enter the perivascular region of the tumor via the leaky tumor vasculature and penetrate only partially into the tumor extra-cellular matrix. The Pentarins are then released from the nanoparticles, allowing them, with their miniature size, high affinity for cancer cell targets and potent payload, to freely penetrate into the tumor tissue and lead to cancer cell death. Tarveda has developed extensive expertise, know-how and intellectual property around Pentarin development and nanoparticle engineering. We have a deep knowledge in the interplay of conjugate and nanoparticle properties and related development and have other proprietary approaches where nanoparticles are not the optimal choice for delivery of a specific Pentarin to the targeted solid tumor.

The Pentarin Platform Is Applicable To A Wide Range Of Solid Tumor Targets

The Pentarin platform is the source of an emerging clinical pipeline of innovative cancer therapeutics designed to overcome the biological barriers of solid tumors to make meaningful therapeutic advances for cancer patients. Each of our Pentarins is designed to remain miniature and effectively penetrate inside the tumor tissue, specifically targeting tumor cell proteins and delivering a highly potent payload to cause cell death.

The Pentarin platform is expanding the Tarveda pipeline for internal development. In conjunction with pharmaceutical collaborators, our platform can serve as the foundation for developing efficacious Pentarins by leveraging and incorporating proprietary, targeting moieties and/or payloads of pharmaceutical companies.