Pentarin Collaborations

Tarveda’s Pentarin™ platform enables the creation of proprietary, miniaturized drug conjugates that are applicable to a wide range of targets. Tarveda is developing a proprietary pipeline of novel miniaturized drug conjugates, based on targeting ligands, unique optimized linker approaches and a range of effective payloads.

Tarveda has an exclusive license agreement with Madrigal Pharmaceuticals for Madrigal’s HSP90 drug conjugate platform. This worldwide agreement provides for the discovery, development and commercialization by Tarveda of products based on Madrigal’s HSP90 drug conjugate platform  including the lead clinical candidate, PEN-866, that is positioned to begin clinical trials in the first half of 2017. Tarveda is applying its Pentarin technologies to enhance and further advance the HSP90 platform.

Our Pentarin platform can be applied to strategic collaborations in a range of ways:

  • Strategic partners can participate in the development of proprietary Pentarins that are in Tarveda’s development pipeline;
  • Strategic partners collaborate on the development of new miniaturized drug conjugates;
  • Tarveda’s Pentarin platform is positioned to develop miniaturized drug conjugate that incorporate a partner’s proprietary payloads and/or targeting ligands.

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